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Things I Wish My Clients Knew...Part 2

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

As a follow up to my post, "Things I Wish My Clients Knew," I'd love to...well, add to it!

After 3 years of running a boudoir studio, I feel like there's SO much information I have that I can't possibly pass on to my clients without overwhelming them with a deluge of information. As much as I want them to be prepared for their session, I also don't want them to drown in reading and prep work before their big day! These blog posts are an easy way to prepare clients, maybe even before they know for sure that they're going to book. One thing I know for sure, is that I want people to be armed with as much knowledge as possible before booking with me.

In that spirit, here is the continuation of things I think you ought to know.

The Post Session Homework is IMPORTANT

Yes, it totally matters! When a client books with me, they get a link to the "Now What?" password protected section of my website. This area is a client resource page full of information and resources to help a client prepare for their session with me. Not only is there ways to prepare for the session itself, there's ways to handle life afterwards! The post-session homework would not be on that page if it didn't matter. There's invaluable ways listed to help you maintain the high from your session, or how to cope with any negative feelings that might arise from viewing your images. That's important, because...

You Might Not React The Way You Hope

That's right! I'll be the first to tell you, a boudoir session is NOT a magic cure-all for body image issues. It's a significant part of that journey, for sure, but it isn't the destination. I'm not a magician who is going to fix decades of brainwashing that you aren't "good enough" as you are. And you know what?

That's completely normal--and okay!

There's nothing wrong with you if you see your images and don't feel an immense and sudden flood of love towards parts of you that you couldn't stand before. Lots of clients see themselves in a whole new light, but lots don't, either! At least, not right away. Seeing yourself in these poses, outfits, and setting can feel strange or even outright wrong. Just like the work of the media and advertisers who have been sending you the message for YEARS that you cannot and should not accept and love yourself as you are, it takes time for the message to set in. Doing the post-session homework, sticking with it, and importantly, viewing your images daily, plays a big part in rewiring your thought patterns and changing your internal dialogue about yourself. This is why...

Digitals Are Important

Truly, it isn't just a sales tactic. Having the digitals from your session means that you have access to ALL the photos from your session, and not just the ones you loved enough to get in an album. Being able to look at the images that make you uncomfortable is crucial to dissecting those feelings and getting to the root cause of them, so you can determine for yourself whether those feelings and thoughts are valid, or if they are rooted in a lie.

"Why don't I like this image?"

"I don't like looking at my stomach."


"Because it's too fat."

"Why do I believe my stomach is too fat?"

"Because it's too big."

"Too big for what?"

"Too big to look at."

"What happens if you look at it?"

"Well....I feel bad."

"Why do I feel bad?"

"I feel like an embarrassment."

"An embarrassment to who?"