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How Can I Help?

"I don't know how to look sexy!"

"Am I supposed to get waxed? Where do I even get that done?"

"Do I have to bring my own things to wear? Where should I shop?"

"What happens if I get my period the day of my session?!"

Before they even book, I tell my prospective clients to think of me as their "boudoir concierge." I'm here to help them along this exciting (and slightly scary!) experience in every way I can. As you can imagine, I've heard every possible fear and question, and I have an ABUNDANCE of resources put together to make sure that your big day runs as smoothly and with as little stress to YOU as possible. How? Oh, darling. Let me count the ways.

Let's start with the inquiry. You're interested, you're intrigued, but you're still not quite sure. That's okay! Booking a boudoir session is a big decision, and not one that I would want anyone to make lightly. I always offer a no pressure phone call consultation so I can give you all the details about everything I provide, and answer any questions you have! I want you to know that your happiness and comfort come first, and know that you can trust me. You aren't just a sale, or a client. You're someone who is considering entrusting me with an enormous step on their self-love journey, and I take that responsibility seriously! I always open myself up to answer any questions that you have, even before you're booked. Whether you're curious about posing, or wardrobe, I've got you. You are never a burden with your questions--it is my pleasure to help make this experience a reality for you!

Once clients are booked with me, the real deal begins! I provide all my clients with a custom styling guide with tips and tricks on how to dress and prepare yourself for your session. I also have an enormous client closet, with wings, robes, shoes, kink props, bodysuits, bras, and a whole lot more! I have sizes 5XL-XS, so you could completely style yourself right from the closet if you wanted!

And just to make sure you're definitely looking your absolute best, I have an amazing stylist who comes right to the studio on your session date and gets you glammed up with hair and makeup just the way you want it. She's a beauty witch, and you're going to love her.

Then there's the pre-session consultation. If you're anything like me, going into an unknown parking situation is


So before the actual big day, you'll come to the studio (where we have street OR lot parking!) to see exactly how to get there, and we can discuss your vision for your images, you can take a look through the client closet for inspiration, and we talk about how I can best create the art that will reflect your authentic beauty. It's a lot of fun to sit and chat in the Femquarters (that's what we call our studio space) and get excited about the session! It's also a great way to mentally prepare yourself for the big day.

On the day of the session, I'll have the studio and your private lounge area catered just to your tastes. From the scent to the music to the refreshments, everything will be tailored to you thanks to the questionnaire you've filled out! Seriously--this day is ALL about you!

And best of all...the pampering doesn't stop once the session is over! My clients get exclusive access to my body positivity "homework," which is full of ways to keep riding the high from your session throughout daily life. There's great ideas on how to restructure your self-talk, and change the way you see yourself in the mirror.

I told you; it isn't just a photo shoot! When my clients choose me, they're really choosing themselves. They're making the investment in giving themselves the best, and declaring to the world that they're worth it.

And I'll be right there, getting the pictures to prove it.

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