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Things I Wish My Clients Knew...

Every boudoir session is different, this is true. And every client is their own unique, beautiful being. No two are exactly alike. But very often, I do hear the same fears, concerns, or questions over and over again. No matter how different we are, we usually have very similar struggles and worries in life.

About 90% of first time clients walk through the door and answer my question, "how are you feeling today?" with "I'm nervous/scared/totally freaked out/almost couldn't bring myself to walk through the door." I always tell them that it's completely normal to be nervous, and once we start shooting, any nerves that made it through hair and makeup will fall away entirely. Here are a few more things I wish my clients knew ahead of time, before even booking their date.

You don't have to look any certain way to book a boudoir session.

I've worked with so many different people, body types, stories, and circumstances, and every single one of them have slayed their sessions. I've worked with women, men, and non-binary individuals. To list the immense differences between all of them would take hours, and become really monotonous to read. Suffice to say, there's nothing you can bring to me that I'm going to judge. There's nothing about your physical body that is going to make me throw in the towel and say, "Nope. We can't do it. Too gross." You might not believe it, but the beauty in your images is really going to come from the way you light up from the inside out when you realize that you are worthy of this experience.