Things I Wish My Clients Knew...

Every boudoir session is different, this is true. And every client is their own unique, beautiful being. No two are exactly alike. But very often, I do hear the same fears, concerns, or questions over and over again. No matter how different we are, we usually have very similar struggles and worries in life.

About 90% of first time clients walk through the door and answer my question, "how are you feeling today?" with "I'm nervous/scared/totally freaked out/almost couldn't bring myself to walk through the door." I always tell them that it's completely normal to be nervous, and once we start shooting, any nerves that made it through hair and makeup will fall away entirely. Here are a few more things I wish my clients knew ahead of time, before even booking their date.

You don't have to look any certain way to book a boudoir session.

I've worked with so many different people, body types, stories, and circumstances, an