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Life Is A Celebration

About Michele Zee Photography in Northern Michigan


Welcome! My name is Michele, and in my studio, I serve my clients like the goddesses they are. My mission is to empower clients to recognize and celebrate their unique beauty, and create stunning works of art through high end product design.  I spoil my boudie babes with a day all about them, culminating in a private photo session where they fall in love with themselves, sometimes for the first time.

One thing I want my clients to be sure of: when you work with my studio, you're getting the best of the best. I love to spoil my clients with mimosas, massages, charcuterie boards, and more!

I take pride in creating a memorable experience from start to finish for my clients. I offer professional hair and makeup services, a private green room, and a client closet with over 600 pieces from sizes XS-5XL. My sessions and service  simply can't be replicated. I work with women, men, non-binary individuals, and couples to create alluring works of art and an experience that you'll never forget. 

Contact me today to begin the process of celebrating yourself. You're worth it!

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Michele Zee Photography, Michigan - Honor Your Unique Beauty

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