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Life Is A Celebration

About Michele Zee Photography in Northern Michigan


Step into my wonderful world of boudoir photography, where every click of the shutter is infused with luxury, elegance, and just a pinch of dry humor. I'm Michele, the artist behind the lens, dedicated to capturing life's fleeting moments with a touch of wit and sophistication.

For over half a decade, I was exclusively a boudoir photographer.  I began as a suddenly single mom to a baby girl, who realized she needed a job FAST. Photography was sink or swim, and I was determined not to sink. I threw myself into boudoir with everything I had.

As it turned out, not only did I not sink, I...did whatever the exact opposite of sinking is. Flew? I guess I ended up flying. My boudoir business took off in a big way, and it introduced me to the most amazing and profound chapters in my life. I was able to connect with my clients in a way that a hermit like me doesn't often get to do, and it helped me uncover magic in my photos. When I decided to expand into more genres, I did so with the exciting feeling that this time, it wasn't sink or swim; it was fly or SOAR.

For me, photography isn't just a passion; it's an obsession. Every client who walks through my door is going to get the very best of me and what I can offer. I dedicate myself to creating not just images that take your breath away, but an experience you won't ever forget.


You are worth it. You have permission to accept that. 

-Michele Zee


Bringing art to life

and life to art


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