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What Your Dream Vacation Says About Your Signature Photo Session

It's month #19 of winter in Michigan, and we're all feeling it. Even if you're the type who loves snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, long cold walks for fun, and frostbite, you can't tell me you don't miss the warm caress of the saun on your face. Sorry, the son. Snunn? It's that big ball of fire in the sky, haven't seen it in awhile. Know what I'm talking about?

Anyway, let's talk of happier things. Like, for instance, vacations! Here are the photo sessions that will suit you best, according to your dream vacation (based on nothing more than random speculation by yours truly, but I did sleep through a community college Psychology course once, so....).

Backpacking Europe

Ooh, adventure! Culture, fashion, hostels! Croissants! If you're Jonesing to tighten those pack straps and head across the pond, you're definitely ready to stretch your legs and break out of your rut. Posed family photos aren't your jam--what you need is a session with your favorite furry pal. A day of playing in the park with your four-legged friend and cuddling in a wide open field will capture your untamed souls and the love between you perfectly!

New York

"If I can maaaaake it there, I'll make it anywheeeere...." Maybe you're not into making it on Broadway, but a trip to the Big Apple sounds like sheer heaven? You need a solo shoot! Something perfectly tailored to show off your creative and fearless side, like an adult cake smash! Grab your favorite bottle of bubbly or booze, a giant ass tutu, and some cupcakes, and get ready to mug for the camera. Adult cake smashes are all about being the diva badass you know you've got inside and embracing the spotlight!

Tropical Island Getaway

You want things nice and easy, and who could blame you? An island vacay sounds like paradise! If you're dying to spend some time hanging loose in the sun and just enjoying life, a lifestyle shoot is exactly what you need. Preserve the memories of your family at home, being yourselves, playing a board game or getting into the mother of all tickle fights. There's no pressure on the kids to pose and smile, no pressure on you to make sure your outfits are on point. All you've got to do is sit back and revel in the love of the family you created.

Backpacking Asia

If you're definitely liking the sound of backpacking, but Europe isn't quite exotic enough for you, then maybe backpacking Asia is the way to go! Trying out the cuisines and taking in the sights of a new culture is a surefire way to shake off the winter blahs, and get outside your comfort zone. If this sounds like your idea of a good time, then you need a photo shoot as unique as you are! Something that will deliver both an incredible experience and prints you can display with pride, like a sunrise yoga session! You'll recharge your spiritual batteries and create one-of-a-kind, personalized wall art for your personal sanctuary.

A Cruise

Oh, this one is easy! You're looking for a good time, simple as that. Nothing sounds more enticing to you than getting the boring stuff out of the way and moving right on to the good times! A besties session is exactly what you need. Grab your tribe and preserve the memories of the unbreakable bond between you while you reminisce and enjoy a night out together! Contact me today to claim an exclusive offer for a styled besties shoot in March!


Ooh la la, got love on the brain? Something tells me you would rock a couple's session! Show off your steamy side with a couple's boudoir shoot (yes, they're a thing, and they're FUN) or preserve the beauty of the beginning of a lifetime of love with an intimate outdoor session. Either way, bring your love and get ready to show off those googly eyes at each other!

Road Trip!

If you're dying to hit the open road and just GO, your spirit of adventure can't be contained. You're ready for anything, and you aren't afraid of making a few mistakes. You know what you need? A trash the dress shoot! It doesn't have to be your wedding dress, but finding a big, fun gown to go swimming in, run through a cloud of colored chalk dust, or give yourself a champagne shower in makes a statement about your personality. Plus, those social media images are going to be FIRE.

Anywhere Without Kids. Just For a Day. Please, God, Just One Day

Okay. You need some pampering. I'm giving you permission for a "you day" and a boudoir session! Wine, chocolate, hair, and makeup are provided on site, followed by a private boudoir experience to remind yourself that you're a rocking badass of amazing who GETS SHIT DONE. Girl, you deserve this!

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