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How to Combat Mental Blocks of Unworthiness

I'm really getting into podcasts lately. Making the drive to and from work gives me a good amount of time each week to devote to listening to someone who can, hopefully, teach me something, and I'm really grateful for that! I usually alternate between photography, business, and body image activism (with the occasional true crime thrown in there to keep things spicy).

I was listening to a podcast for entrepreneurs the other day, and the host started talking about mental blocks when it comes to money. He said that a lot of entrepreneurs feel unworthy of earning money for their product or service, and it has to do with beliefs about money that we learned somewhere in our lives. Maybe we grew up being told that "money isn't everything," or "money is the root of all evil," or in a family who lived paycheck to paycheck, or some similar thing. These beliefs that take root in childhood, whether from being outright told or from what we grew up seeing and inferring for ourselves, manifest in our subconscious and thus become our reality.

Hold up.

Wait a minute. If business owners have these mental blocks...don't our clients, too?

I can't tell you how many times I've heard someone regretfully tell me, "Oh, that's too much to spend on myself." And hey, no judgement! Everyone's budget is different. But it's that last part that gets me. "It's too much to spend...on myself."


Would it be different if it was something for your partner? If they wanted a new vehicle, or fishing boat, or entertainment system? Would it be too much to spend on them? Or a spring break trip for your teen? Hockey gear for your child? A bi