The Unofficial Guide to Millennial Divorce

Being in the middle of a divorce myself, I've recently had a lot of friends reach out and confide that they're either considering a divorce or in the beginning stages of separation. I recognized a lot of the fears and worries I hear from them as fears and worries of my own from a year ago, when I reached out to a friend who had gone through it and confided in her. And while I am far from an expert, I thought maybe a blog post on the subject would maybe at least make others feel a little less lonely on their divorce journey. If you're happily married, this isn't the blog post you're gonna want to read. Seriously. We're all happy for you,'re gonna want to turn back now.

You're Not a Failure Because of a Failed Marriage

Oh. My. God. Let's start here, because if I see one more sickeningly condescending Facebook post about how "marriage worked in our grandparents' day because they fixed broken things instead of throwing them out" I'm going