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The Boudie Beauty Challenge

In case you haven't heard, I love photographing women. I like doing family sessions, too, or men's sessions, but after a women's session I always feel so recharged for the day. Watching a client open up and unleash her inner badass goddess is an absolutely amazing thing to experience, and the positive female energy in the space is undeniably electric. It's hard to explain to someone who hasn't done a "just for me" session how powerful that feeling is, but I wanted to give recreating it a shot.

So, if you've been intrigued by scheduling a boudoir session for yourself but have been hesitating on pulling the trigger, I urge you to give the Boudie Beauty Challenge a chance. It costs nothing, and it's a low risk-high reward kinda thing. If you partake in this challenge, I'd love to hear your results for the next blog post! If you haven't already, join our Facebook group to share your progress and be held accountable!

I'm going to make this simple. We'll start with 7 days, and only 5 things to remember. You can totally do this. I BELIEVE IN YOU SO HARD!

1. Shortly after waking, list 3 things you're grateful for. Start the day with a heart full of thankfulness and positivity.

2. Accept genuine compliments with a "thank you." Don't dismiss them or try to brush them off. Be gracious and comfortable with the fact that you are awesome!

3. Drink a half gallon of water EVERY DAY. It sounds totally doable, but for a lot of us, we just aren't getting enough. Drink yo water!

4. Compliment yourself...and mean it. Tell yourself every day one thing you're proud of accomplishing. It could be, "Man, I really made some adorable kids" or "I remembered to switch the laundry over right away today!" or "I worked really hard on organizing those Post It notes." Anything. Just appreciate yourself for what you did do, rather than focusing on what you didn't.

5. Take 30 seconds to pause, breathe deeply in and out, and repeat a mantra that you really believe in. Mine is "life is beautiful." Yours can be whatever you like ,as long as it brings you joy.

That's it! Sounds beyond easy, right? Let's give it a try together and see what happens by the end of the week. Make an effort to really stick to the list. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you of the gratitude, stop yourself from dodging compliments out of embarrassment. For one week, treat yourself like you're your own best friend. Let's see how it goes. Who's in?

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