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Michele Zee Photography

bringing art to life

and life to art


Full Service Studio

Step into our full-service, private photography studio where every detail is meticulously crafted to capture timeless portraits. My goal, above all, is to create an experience that matches the artwork. From beginning to end, I want my clients to have their breath taken away at every turn. They don't call me the Willy Wonka of Photography for nothing! (they don't actually call me that. But I wish they'd start, so feel free). 

Note: the studio wallpaper is not lickable. 




Outdoor Sessions

Embark on an unparalleled outdoor photography experience steeped in luxury, where stunning northern Michigan serves as your backdrop. Outdoor sessions are perfect for meeting your children where they are, and making the experience something they will remember fondly.

If you're thinking, "not MY kids! They're nuts!"--you see that little girl up there? That's my oldest daughter, and she would be a general in a child-led uprising. She hasn't slept in 4 and a half years and she fears no man. If I can get photos of her, I can do anything. Your kids don't scare me, so don't worry about it.


Beauty For Beauty's Sake

Discover a new love of timeless elegance with our fine art photography sessions, meticulously designed to craft heirloom wall art. Each session is a symphony of creativity and precision, capturing moments that transcend time, destined to grace your walls as cherished treasures for generations to come.

And as a bonus, we'll have a good time while we create your art. It means nothing if it doesn't come from love and laughter, right? 

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