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Ideas For Unique Photo Sessions

Far be it from me to tell people what to do (just kidding....I'm bossy as hell), but I feel like I need to direct your attention to a woefully neglected form of photography in this area: the styled shoot. If you want photos you can display in your home that will make visitors exclaim and gasp, you're gonna want a styled shoot.

A styled shoot is like playing grown-up make believe. You know how you see those photos on Instagram or Snapchat of people toasting their night out with sparkling glasses of expensive champagne while the city lights twinkle with possibility behind them? That's more than likely part of a styled shoot...or an ad, but potato potato, sometimes.

In a styled shoot, the models and setting are controlled and made to tell a story. It's a way to get phenomenal photos with less pressure than a standard shoot because you know what's expected of you at every moment, and you're in a familiar situation. Weddings are often used as a styled shoot theme for vendors to promote their products or services. Images are created to reenact the key scenes from the big day, without any timeline, family members, or unnecessary distractions to take away from the end products. For wedding vendors and photographers, these can be great marketing material! For the general public, it's probably not a super enticing way to spend an afternoon. But there's no law that says you have to make your theme "wedding!" Here are some ideas for styled shoots you can partake in with your besties, your partner, or even your parents and siblings!

Slumber Party

Yup, I'm starting here because I have plans for a styled slumber party shoot in March! To kick off Boudoir Bash 2019, I'm offering a Friday night sleepover styled shoot for between 3-10 people! You'll get photos that capture the genuine love and bond between your tribe that you'll be proud to display in your home. Break out the cute pajamas and pose around a board game, in the kitchen making (or burning) brownies, making prank phone calls, and other classic slumber party shenanigans. I'm so excited about this idea because it's a perfect way for a bride-to-be to have a night she'll truly never forget with her best friends by her side, or any group of friends to recreate so many memories in one shot. Contact me if you're interested in booking this shoot on Friday, March 22, at a cabin on Long Lake!

Snowball Fight

Remember the drama of snowball fights as a kid? It was cold and unforgiving, it was an adrenaline rush, it was weather-fueled war! In a snowball styled shoot, we can capture all the excitement and adventure of a good old-fashioned snowball battle that will cement your title as Neighborhood Snow Sergeant.


This is a great idea for a generational photo with some extra "oomph" behind it! Have Grandma supply the aprons, and capture some tender moments of passing on family recipes, helping the littlest stir the batter, and sneaking bites of frosting when you think no one's looking. And the best part is, you don't actually have to bake anything! It's a styled shoot, pure fun with none of the actual measuring!

Date Night

I love this idea for almost anyone! It works for friends, it works for couples, and it works for bros! Get images capturing the excitement of getting ready, first glances, the flowers someone is definitely getting (wink, wink). You can even make this a session with the kids! Imagine images framed in your home of Daddy in a suit, bringing a heart shaped box of chocolates to his little girl, or Mommy all dressed up and being escorted to dinner by her dapper little gentleman! Yeah. Freaking adorable, right?

Superhero Parent

Is your partner an absolute freaking Wonder (Wo)Man? Show your appreciation with a Superhero themed photo session! You can pinpoint exactly what you love about them by personalizing their feats of strength. Kissing the boo-boos and making it instantly better? Finding lost toys in the blink of an eye? Somehow cleaning a house that previously looked like it had been through a hurricane? *Cape fluttering heroically provided.*

DUF (Dog Ultimate Frisbee)

This is really just an excuse for me to hang out with your dog. But it's also a chance for you to showcase your four legged friend's hidden super ninja athlete prowess! Action shots of your dog having the time of his life while you play the role of coach, personal trainer, number one fan, and water boy.

So, what do you say? If you're craving some wall art that's totally different, uniquely you, and packs a hell of a lot more than 1,000 words, contact me about a styled shoot that's right for you!

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