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What to Wear for Your Boudoir Shoot

Yessss, it's another boudoir post. I'm excited about the upcoming Boudoir Bash, what can I say? In case you need some ideas on what to wear, I have come swooping in (yogurt in my hair and yoga pants on backwards) to self-righteously assert what I think would look good on you. Seriously, just ignore the Dorito dust on my face and heed my words.

The Old Standby

Ok, so you know what everyone looks good in? An oversized button up with some boy shorts. It's a universal truth, and there's no use denying it. We all look freaking amazing in a too-big shirt with buttons on the wrong side, and very little else. Throw some heels on with that look, and forget about it. Not as comfortable, and you can't wear it to Dave and Buster's, but damn it looks good. Not to mention, it's a great way to ease yourself into baring a little more, if that's your jam.

The Obvious

Duh. Lingerie! It's a boudoir shoot, right? You wanna look like Beyonce or whoever is cool nowadays (what do the kids listen to? Who's hip? Is rock and/or roll still a thing? We're getting off track. Stop it). Whether it's a sexy matching bra and panty combo, or a scandalously complicated bustier, rocking something that sparks your inner badass warrior goddess can boost your confidence and give you that fierce <insert pop artist here> energy you know you have.

Hobby Hottie

Bring props! Is that potentially the unsexiest thing someone has every said? Maybe, but I'm sure there's less erotic phrases out there if we think about it. Anyway, if there's a specific hobby you're into or a career you're particularly passionate about, bring something to show that off. Music lover? Bring some of your favorite records and a pair of headphones. Are you an artist? Let's tuck a paintbrush behind your ear and create those magical images! Harry Potter nerd? Giiiirl, do I have some weird ideas for you! If there's something you'd like to incorporate into your boudoir session, whether it's a favorite pair of heels or a bridal pair of underwear, bring it on and show off your unique self!