(Un)Brainwash Yourself

In theory, I've been body positive for years. In practice, well....not so much. It was always easy for me to see beauty in others; every size and shape seemed to elicit awe and admiration from me while my own reflection was held to a higher, seemingly impossible to attain standard. Other women had voluptuous curves, and I had lumps. Their thighs were thick and sensuous, mine were thunder thighs. They had elegant, dancer-like wrists and ankles, mine were just weirdly bony.

It's like that for a lot of women, I think. Maybe even most. It's easy to see the beauty and light in others, and completely diminish it within ourselves. And honestly, why? Why, unless we've been brainwashed by countless outside influences to believe that we're always going to be less than? Always found wanting, never good enough, never living up to the ideal standard?