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Love the Life You Live

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend a Creative Awakening yoga and art class at Art in the Loft. This inspiring event was put together by three amazing women: education coordinator Amanda Kuzncki, yoga instructor Paige Trisko, and local artist Sarah Bedford (who is the feature of my upcoming and slightly late April interview). The class left me feeling like I had just awoken from a long, restful slumber. I felt renewed, re-energized, and refreshed. Part of it was being surrounded by the positive energy of the space and the people in it, and part of it was knowing that the space was there at all.

Since relocating to northern Michigan after ten years in Grand Rapids, it hasn't always been an easy adjustment. I miss my friends, my favorite coffee shops, trying out new restaurants, dropping in on open mics, or hitting a Griffins game. My world has felt smaller, the isolating feeling of living in a small town as an ultra liberal weirdo and the long winter magnified that lonely, dark feeling.

The guided meditation portion of the class yesterday made me stop and reflect on those feelings, and opened my eyes to the reality of my situation. Since being here, I've had the opportunity to grow my business and pursue photography as a legal, professional career. It's led me to meet some phenomenally strong and inspiring women in the community who have made me realize that the world I thought was so small is changing. I've been able to reconnect to my past in a way I would have never believed possible. The seemingly random coincidences in life are coming together to create astonishingly beautiful patterns, and I find that the more I allow myself to let go of control and just experience them, the more they occur.

Taking chances, seeking out like-minded people, venturing out of your comfort zone, doing something just for you, being willing to explore all facets of who you are as a person...these are ways to grow your own world and create your most fulfilling reality. It can be easy to get stuck in a mindset rut; a circular thinking that how things are now is how they will be forever, and it's just not true. Change is the only constant in life. Ten years ago, it probably wouldn't have been so easy to find a class like the one I took yesterday, but three women took the initiative and created a space that filled with people eager to become inspired, open their hearts, learn something new, and share an experience with others.

I intend to continue to appreciate where life takes me, to trust and enjoy the journey while becoming the best version of myself. I want to encourage others to do the same, and women centered photography has been a wonderful conduit for that goal. If you're a woman or female identifying person interested in joining a community focused on gratitude, encouraging each other, and creating a life you love to live, join us at Boudie Beauty by Michele Zee Photography.

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