It's Not Just A Nice Camera: Why You Need A Pro Behind the Glass

I'm going to tell a story I don't tell very often, because it's a little embarrassing. Once upon a time, long ago, I got myself a boudoir session. It was before I learned that ages old lesson, "you get what you pay for." That's a lesson I learned the hard way many, many times. You may have seen the less-than-professional film reel tattoo sprawling across my chest? Yeah. It took me a few tries. So, anyway, before I graduated from the University of No Duh, I booked myself a boudoir shoot. I found a "photographer" on Craigslist advertising for really cheap sessions. I, being the thrifty shopper I was, jumped at the opportunity. After all, it sounded like this guy had a really nice camera!

Guys, a nice camera does not mean fuck all. Let me tell you that right now. In your pocket, or purse, or wherever you keep your phone, you have a camera that Ansel Adams would have killed for. And yet...are you taking Ansel Adams-quality photos on