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How Are You Holding Up? are you doing?

Michigan is now under a shelter in place order for at least the next three weeks, and that's...fucking crazy.

I mean, not that it isn't necessary. I think most people are happy to do what they can to slow and ultimately stop the spread of Covid-19, and that's awesome. The global unity we're seeing with people practicing social distancing is nothing short of amazing, and I think it's wonderful that people are, for the most part, taking this situation seriously and being there for one another--by staying away.

There's plenty of ways to show solidarity through this unique situation. Across Europe, households are decorating their windows with rainbows and the phrase, "andra tutto bene" (let's all be well) as a way to show their friends and neighbors that we're all in this together. Last week. we decorated our window with rainbows to spread the love and light of the message. It was a great activity that really brought us all together...

But togetherness wasn't really our issue. Truthfully, I'm having a little trouble with too much togetherness.