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How Are You Holding Up? are you doing?

Michigan is now under a shelter in place order for at least the next three weeks, and that's...fucking crazy.

I mean, not that it isn't necessary. I think most people are happy to do what they can to slow and ultimately stop the spread of Covid-19, and that's awesome. The global unity we're seeing with people practicing social distancing is nothing short of amazing, and I think it's wonderful that people are, for the most part, taking this situation seriously and being there for one another--by staying away.

There's plenty of ways to show solidarity through this unique situation. Across Europe, households are decorating their windows with rainbows and the phrase, "andra tutto bene" (let's all be well) as a way to show their friends and neighbors that we're all in this together. Last week. we decorated our window with rainbows to spread the love and light of the message. It was a great activity that really brought us all together...

But togetherness wasn't really our issue. Truthfully, I'm having a little trouble with too much togetherness.

I'm an introvert, so staying home isn't a huge heartbreak for me. But still, this means that I'm in a house with my partner, four big dogs, and our two kids. It can get rough! Occasionally I've felt a real lack of personal space, and that makes me feel overwhelmed, claustrophobic, and almost like the walls are closing in on me. I'm a mom, so I'm constantly being touched. It's usually not something I mind, but combined with that powerless feeling of having no space and the usual kid sounds bouncing off the walls...I think it's safe to say my anxiety is at an all-time high. It's hard not to feel panicky at times, when my mind doesn't have a moment to rest or my body a moment to let down its guard.

As most of you know, a couple weeks ago I signed the lease on a studio space in downtown Alpena. I want to trust the universe and my own determination during this time, but I'm still scared. Scared that this opportunity is going to slip away from me, afraid of the possibility that everything I've worked for means nothing.

I'm not saying I'm having a terrible time, or that I don't love having my family at home with me. But we're only human and we're allowed to experience emotions. So, that's how things are going over here. How about with you? I want to know how other women, other moms, other entrepreneurs, other introverts, even are you all doing?

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