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"Don't Go Too Long Without Catching a Sunrise": Exploring the Beauty in Life With Chelsea Pagels

I'd been invited a few times to Chelsea's yoga classes, but for whatever reason (childcare issues, time management troubles, pure laziness, what have you) I was never able to make one. Lately, I've been busy planning for the Spring Boudoir Bash, and feeling particularly frazzled and frantic. Finally, Katherine Wilbur of Woodland Confectionary fame invited me to a Tuesday evening yoga class and...I mean, I can't look uncool in front of Countess Chocula, can I?

I'm so grateful she extended the invite, because not only was the class the pause button I needed in my life, it led to me meeting Chelsea Pagels, local wellness coach and yoga teacher. Chelsea hosts an amazingly invigorating yoga class at St. John's church in Rogers City, and not only does she create an immensely warm and welcoming environment, she's just a warm and welcoming woman! She was such an open book while I got to know her, and she was so beyond cool about my toddler running around while I took some photos before class. Getting to know Chelsea was so easy, because honestly, we all know a Chelsea. She's that friend who is always willing to brew up some tea and help you through your woes, wants you to let her know you got home safely, and your pets