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7 Reasons You Should Enjoy a Boudoir Session

Hopefully by now you've seen posts about the upcoming Boudoir Bash (March 23) I'm throwing to welcome spring! After such a cold, blustery winter, it will feel amazing to shake off the blahs and bloom right along with the flowers. I know a lot of people might be on the fence about a boudoir session, so I wanted to throw out some (I think) really good reasons why you deserve to treat yourself and celebrate the amazing being that is you...illustrated with New Girl gifs, because I've been watching a lot of that lately. So if you're just not sure about whether a boudoir session is right for you, allow myself and Jess Day to change your mind.

1. You're Self-Conscious of Your Body

It might seem like a contradictory reason, but being less than perfectly comfortable with your body is a great reason to take part in a boudoir session. Your photographer will know how to pose you to flatter your shape, and being pampered with hair and makeup services beforehand is a great way to boost your self-esteem and get you feeling your best. Whether your body has changed due to aging, pregnancy, or you're just feeling shy, there's no reason at all not to honor the vessel you reside in and appreciate your physical form. You don't need to look like a supermodel to get sexy, amazing photos; you just need to believe in your own unique beauty and allow it to shine.