5 Affirmations for the Holiday Season

The holidays are coming up, and let's be honest--between the familial obligations, the extra spending, the expectations and pressure to make it a "magical" time of year, and the mothertooting snow, it can be a stressful and hectic time of year. Sure, Pinterest would have us believe that it isn't possible to celebrate without handcrafted, locally sourced eggnog-dispensing ornaments dangling from the festive greenery that slowly encircles your home, trapping you and your loved ones in a fairy tale wonderland of terror and tinsel...but sometimes that just isn't feasible.

This might sound bonkers, but it's possible to keep your shit together and actually enjoy yourself and your family during the holiday season. It's gonna take some self-love, deep breaths, maybe a nip or toke, and any of the following affirmations, but we can do this. You hear me? WE CAN FREAKING DO THIS.