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5 Affirmations for the Holiday Season

The holidays are coming up, and let's be honest--between the familial obligations, the extra spending, the expectations and pressure to make it a "magical" time of year, and the mothertooting snow, it can be a stressful and hectic time of year. Sure, Pinterest would have us believe that it isn't possible to celebrate without handcrafted, locally sourced eggnog-dispensing ornaments dangling from the festive greenery that slowly encircles your home, trapping you and your loved ones in a fairy tale wonderland of terror and tinsel...but sometimes that just isn't feasible.

This might sound bonkers, but it's possible to keep your shit together and actually enjoy yourself and your family during the holiday season. It's gonna take some self-love, deep breaths, maybe a nip or toke, and any of the following affirmations, but we can do this. You hear me? WE CAN FREAKING DO THIS.

1. I am safe, secure, and under no threat from the world around me.

Sometimes, anxiety can take over and trigger our "fight or flight" reflex, even when the root cause isn't necessarily something we have that sort of control over. Reminding yourself that you're safe can calm that reflex and re-center your mind.

2. I choose joy.

Whatever family member is testing your patience this holiday season, you ultimately get to decide how you react to them. Remind yourself to choose joy, and your own happiness and peace of mind over engaging with any unnecessary bullshit.

3. I release all fears of not being perfect.

That's what we all (especially parents) have, isn't it? A fear of not being good enough? We want to give our kids, families, and friends the best of us but end up holding ourselves to an impossibly high standard. Your loved ones don't need you to make things perfect with food, gifts, decorations, or anything else, they just want YOU.

4. The situation is neither good nor bad. It just is.

Accepting that things won't always go smoothly or easily is key to finding contentment in life. Trust that the universe is not out to punish you, and is instead giving you exactly what you need at this time. It's possible that things are coming together as part of a bigger picture, and you need to sit back and just let things be what they are until you see it.

5. I am rising above the thoughts that are trying to make me feel angry or upset.

We all have that little voice in our heads that can go right to hell. It's always the first one to speak up with doubt, criticism, or vicious negativity. Rise above that petulant jerk and take away its power. You run the show, not that voice.

Here's to a safe, happy, and light-filled holiday season for all!

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