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Empowerment Photography

The Power of Empowerment Photography

The camera can be your best friend, and it can be your worst enemy. Have you ever had a friend take a picture of you, that awful shot, that seemingly caught every bad angle - even ones you didn't know you had? Haven't we all? But we have also seen those pictures of us that make us take a double-take - do we really look that good? Here is the good news, yes you do, and empowerment photography is designed to show you just that. At Michele Zee Photography, I invite you to step into our self-love experience photography studio, so I can help you fall in love with yourself again.

In the same way that the aforementioned awful pick prompted a borderline self-loathing, self-love experience photography will help you find just the opposite. Some call it empowerment photography because it can do just that, but for me, it is simply helping women to recognize and embrace all they have to offer, every beautiful curve.

If you want to know how sexy you are, how good you really look, and how incredible your smile, your body, and you are, then l can help. Contact Michele Zee Photography, and let's schedule you for a session, an awakening, and help you to realize why you should love yourself. You are beautiful, and the pictures don't lie!

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