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The Empowerment Project

The Empowerment Project was born from the countless emails I receive from people who want to take the leap and celebrate themselves and their bodies with a session, but can't bring themselves to be the first body like theirs represented in public spaces.

I always respect the privacy of my clients first and foremost. If they don't want their images shared, those images will never see the light of day on my watch. Nothing matters more to me than my clients' safety, privacy, and happiness. But, of course, this means that there are plenty of different shapes, sizes, colors, abilities, and types of bodies that cannot be shared on my social channels, and it can be intimidating for people to pull the trigger on a session when they feel like the first.

The Empowerment Project is designed to showcase the indisputable proof that boudoir is for everyBODY. By agreeing to participate, applicants will represent the beauty of the human body by allowing their images to be shared, while receiving a discount on a session fee and products. 

What Do Selected Participants Get?

Applicants who are selected will receive 50% off their session fee. The remainder will be applied as a product credit. Participants will also receive 5 complimentary digital images as a thank you for taking part in the Empowerment Project!

Who Can Participate?

Everyone! There is no one type, or wrong way to look for this project. Consideration will be given to all, but spaces are limited. If you believe that your body type, style, or demographic could use more visibility, apply below!

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